Three steps you can take to become a happy person.

Happy hello to everyone!                                              Happy

Today I would like to continue my conversation about ‘7 steps to happiness’ , and I will share some of the practical steps you can take to become a happy person.

For me to be happy means to be free, to have goal that I would like to achieve in my life, and to move towards my goal every day. The journey towards the goal not always smooth, lost things can make you unhappy. To make my journey more pleasant I try my best to follow these steps:

Accept More. I must tell that for me to accept things the way they went is the hardest thing to do.  For example, you planed something very carefully and think that after so much efforts everything should go smooth. But for some reason, all went wrong. Now we have two choices to go ‘nuts’ and to lose sleep over it, or just to accept that we can’t control everything and to let it go. So try to be positive and tell yourself ‘this too will pass’.

Appreciate More. Sometimes we think that to be happy we should have the latest iPhone, the latest car model and so on. We don’t appreciate things that we already have.  I like what Chill Vibes tweet on Twitter: ‘Happiness isn’t getting all you want. It’s enjoying all you have’. Tomorrow when you wake up in the morning try to think of three things that you have and can be grateful for, and I am sure it will help you start your morning on a positive note.

Love More.  Love is the most wonderful feeling we can experience in our life. When your heart full of love, you are instantly happy. More love you have towards somebody or something , happier you become. Now, try to close your eyes for a moment and imaging that you love everything around you, everyone you live with, everything you do, and everywhere you go. Do you feel how happy and content you become?  I do!

Lots of love and see you next time.

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