Choose to be happy!

Hello everyone! My first post I will start with the simple question, right now while you are reading my post: ‘Are you happy?’ I am so glad if you answer is ‘yes’. It means that you already have something that another people don’t have. But if you aren’t happy , can you actually choose to be happy?

Happiness is the greatest thing you can have that doesn’t cost you anything. Some people just born with the sort of personality that helps them to be happy doesn’t matter what. When I think about happy person I always think about my Grandmother. She always managed to be happy regardless. She could let the bad thoughts go easily, never worried too much about anything and never had much ambitions.

If you are not as lucky, as my Grandmother, then my blog can help you to become a happier person. On ‘Love, Laugh, Smile’ blog I’ve found the wonderful poster with ‘7 Steps to Happiness’

7Steps to Happiness

 Think less, Feel more.  To feel more than to think is particularly important before you get married. When you choose your partner don’t calculate what he/she can do, how much he/she earns, and where he/she leaves. Even so the thoughtful marriage can work out for some people, it’s never worked out for me. I personally advice you don’t calculate, just to FOLLOW YOUR HEART,  and then, the fingers cross, your marriage will last for the lifetime.

Frown Less, Smile more.  As I read in ‘Laugh And Be Happy: 15 Hilarious Blogs’  there is no better cure for a bad mood than laughter. When I am in a bag mood, I usually read Russian jokes online. Sometimes a good comedy will do the same trick. The movie actually better because it is longer, and by the time its finishes you hopefully won’t remember that you were unhappy.

Talk Less, Listen more.  To talk less when you are in a bad mood is my best advise if you want to save your marriage. Do you know how many relationships were destroyed only because we said something to each other that we shouldn’t and most important didn’t mean. Then after few hours or days you think back and ask yourself: ‘Why didn’t I keep quiet?’ So if you don’t have something positive to say, then don’t say anything.

In my next post I will continue talking about ‘7 Steps to Happiness’, please join the conversation and leave a reply on my blog.


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